52 Rolls Project

52 Rolls Project - Roll 2 - Mary's Lazy Day in Bed

As the second week of the year approached, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to shoot for my second roll in the project. I wanted to limit myself from a location perspective. I knew I wanted to shoot color film. I knew I wanted to shoot portraits and, furthermore, wanted it to be something casual.  

Putting all these ingredients in the mixing bowl, it was apparent, time to photograph my wife! 

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52 Rolls Project - Roll 1 - The Cemetery

For my first roll of the new year, I decided to use the sentiment of “starting over” we all feel with each arriving new year. As I thought through what I would like to improve in the new year, I began to think about my mortality and how one day I’ll not be able to press reset and right wrongs or improve in areas x, y, and z. How my life would come to an end and the totality of who I was would be based on what I did with my time on Earth. My mind drifted. I thought of those who have already perished. I wondered, had they made resolutions in each new year? Had they made changes that prolonged or shortened their life? Did they become the people they wanted to be before their passing or was that journey cut short?  With all these thoughts running through my mind, I immediately knew what my first roll of the project would be…A CEMETERY!

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52 rolls in 2018!

Towards the end of 2017 I fell more and more love with film.  I've made the switch and 90% of my work is now film. In an effort to push my learning even further, I've decided to start a 52 roll film project. Just as it sounds, I'll shoot one roll of film per week (24exp. or 36 exp. rolls) and share every frame with you guys!

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