Reflections of West Midtown - A Film Rendition

I’ve recently started to shoot more and more film with my shoots. I’ve been sneaking in a few rolls at each shoot, trying to perfect my approach to a film portrait. As I grew a little more confident, I reached out to Jessica Manning, a local actress and model, about taking part in a 100% film shoot. Much to my surprise, she agreed!

Taylor the Natural

A large percentage of the models I work with have little to no experience behind the camera.  This use to concern me, but as my posing game has matured, it’s less of a concern.  A strong pose can make or break a shoot.  I have devised a posing system, based on triangles, that helps me through every shoot.  I’ll be teaching this system in an upcoming workshop.  As important as posing is it’s not the only key to a successful shoot.  

Chelt-sey and a Bottle of Icelandic Vodka

Making the switch from weddings to Portfolio, Portrait, and Lifestyle (PPL) has rejuvenated my love for photography. Working with models and everyday people, without all the wedding day drama, is the bees f**king knees! Seriously. I get to control every aspect of the shoot. I can plan out the entire session, build a mood board, a shot list, and plan it around the time of day that has the light I want to utilize in my shoot. It’s pretty freaking awesome, to be honest.

Taylor Stops By

Taylor Long is a hair stylist just south of Atlanta.  I'm a big fan of awesome hair so I knew this shoot was gonna be lit (I can't believe I just typed the word "lit")  Anyway, Taylor stopped by and brought the heat. Seriously. Taylor is super comfortable in front of the camera, knows her face, and is super relaxed.  The relaxed part is key.  You see, I'm the type of photographer who prefers to increment the pose, bit by bit, to work it into the perfect shot. 

Mary Saves the Day

As an artist, we use our craft to express ourselves.  Our art is an outlet. It enables us to bring to life the visions in our mind.  We don't know why we are compelled to create, but simply accept that the urge to express ourselves will not cease and attempt to appease it through the act of creating. Sometimes our "time to create" is scheduled. For photographers, we book "gigs" and must create on demand. 

Awesome Allie

My latest session was one of my best. Sometimes everything just lines up. Perfect light, perfect model, perfect posing, perfect…everything. 

Jessica the Playboy Bunny

I get hit up quite a bit on IG by people wanting to work with me. I do not get hit up by Playboy bunnies…until now.

Jessica Jones (former Playboy Mexico model) was traveling to Atlanta and decided, while she was in town, she might as well do a photo shoot or two.  She hit me up on IG and we worked out the details. 

Amanda The Real American Bada$$

Usually, for these blog posts I write a few sentences then post the photos of the model. That's not gonna be the case for this one. This particular model shared a story with me that was so inspiring, I knew I had to share it.

Jordan in the Loft

Over the past few months I’ve been shooting a ton.  I’ve been doing more and more model work as the wedding season begins to wind down.  Shooting sessions with models has really forced me to focus on light and composition, more than I could with weddings. With a wedding, I have almost no control over the day and, for the most part, am there to be an unobtrusive observer, capturing the day as it unfolds.

A Session With Sela

I shoot a ton of models. I’ve been super fortunate in that every model I’ve shot has been an absolute professional, with no drama to speak of.  Each one has brought something unique to their shoots, and I’m so thankful for that. Shooting a high volume of models, I run into so many different personalities. Some truly stand out from the rest. Sela, is one of those models.