Portrait Sessions

Chelt-sey and a Bottle of Icelandic Vodka

Making the switch from weddings to Portfolio, Portrait, and Lifestyle (PPL) has rejuvenated my love for photography. Working with models and everyday people, without all the wedding day drama, is the bees f**king knees! Seriously. I get to control every aspect of the shoot. I can plan out the entire session, build a mood board, a shot list, and plan it around the time of day that has the light I want to utilize in my shoot. It’s pretty freaking awesome, to be honest.

Speaking of awesome, I recently did a shoot with Chelsey Perry, aka Chelt-sey (Inside joke. Ask us over beers.). Anyway, Chelt-sey shows up for the shoot with a kick-ass wardrobe (in a plastic bag), rad hair and makeup, and an awesome attitude.  

Shooting with Chelsey was super easy. She was a natural at posing and owned every outfit she threw on. We bounced spot to spot, crushing each shot.  We even ended the shoot with Icelandic Vodka!  Below are some of the shots from the shoot.  Check them out and let me know your thoughts!