Portrait Sessions

Rachel & Destiny - Double Trouble in the Loft

Rachel & Destiny were traveling through Atlanta and ended up  shooting with both my wife and I.  I’m always pumped to shoot more than one model in a single session as it adds a ton of variety and pushes me to be more creative.  Another benefit of two models is that the models feed off each other  which really makes for awesome shots.

Once the girls were done with Mary’s shoot, it was my turn to shoot these awesome ladies.  We were short on daylight so we jammed through outfits pretty fast. We didn’t waste too much time in the loft before we headed over to Mary’s second studio at the Goat Farm Arts center.  We walked around the property looking for unique places to shoot and shot at a steady pace.  On the way back to the loft we decided to drive onto the roof of a parking garage to get a few shot with the AMAZING sunset that had unfolded.  

These ladies were amazing and a blast to shoot with.  Below are the results of our session.  Check it out and let me know your thoughts. 

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