Portrait Sessions

Jessica the Playboy Bunny

I get hit up quite a bit on IG by people wanting to work with me. I do not get hit up by Playboy bunnies…until now.

Jessica Jones (former Playboy Mexico model) was traveling to Atlanta and decided, while she was in town, she might as well do a photo shoot or two.  She hit me up on IG and we worked out the details. 

Seeing as I don’t shoot nudes, implied nudes, or lingerie (except of my wife), I was going to have to really push it in the wardrobe area to pull off extreme sexy without shooting things I’m not willing to.  Thankfully Jessica is a freaking rock star and pro model who can adapt to any setting so it all worked out in the end.  Hell, she even ended up shooting a boudoir session with Mary

Below is a sampling from our session.  Hope ya like it!

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