Portrait Sessions

Mary Saves the Day

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As an artist, we use our craft to express ourselves.  Our art is an outlet. It enables us to bring to life the visions in our mind.  We don't know why we are compelled to create, but simply accept that the urge to express ourselves will not cease and attempt to appease it through the act of creating. Sometimes our "time to create" is scheduled. For photographers, we book "gigs" and must create on demand. 

I'm excessively meticulous when it comes to preparing for paid photography sessions.  I create mood boards, study existing work of the model I'm going to be shooting, as well as a shot list to guide the session. When I know an agency shoot is imminent, I'm hyper-focused on creating. I go into a pre-shoot mindset hours before the shoot and don't usually snap out of it until an hour or so post-shoot. 

On the day of a shoot, I've revved myself up to create; the urge to create is at a critical high, it is itch I MUST scratch.  If a shoot is canceled the day of the shoot, it is an emotional wreck. All my creative energy is at its peak and I simply cannot turn it off because a shoot was cancelled. Shoots do get canceled and, thankfully, when they do I have Mary!

Recently, I had an agency shoot booked. I prepared, as usual, and was ready to shoot. Hours before the shoot the agency called and scratched the shoot due to travel issues.  This sucked!  I was ready to go and, just like that, there was no shoot. No outlet for my creative energy. 
My wife, Mary, a full time boudoir photographer, could see that I was deflated. She asked if I wanted her to see if she could find a last-minute model for me to shoot, just to get in the reps, and it hit me… I would ask Mary would be my model!  

My wife works with "real people" without posing experience. She is constantly coaching women who have no experience in front of a camera to pose in ways that flatter their unique physiques in the best ways possible. Who else could I want to be my subject than her?  She would be a pro in front of the camera and, in my unbiased opinion, the most beautiful subject I could ever have in front of my lens. I asked and she immediately said, "yes!" It was time to shoot!

While she was prepping her hair and makeup, it hit me…she is a professional photographer, she surely would be critiquing my every pose and shot. Had I made the right decision? Did I simply create a nightmare situation simply to fulfill my creative urges?  Of course not!  Mary is an absolute pro, in front of and behind the camera!  

Mary and I shot several several set-ups in an around the loft. We talked through my ideas and, as a team, refined each one. It was an amazing experience to be able to share in the creative process with the most important person in my life.  I think the images speak for themselves and I'm so f**king happy she said yes! 

Check out the session images below and be sure to check out Mary's AMAZING work on Instagram and her website.