Portrait Sessions

A Session With Sela

I shoot a ton of models. I’ve been super fortunate in that every model I’ve shot has been an absolute professional, with no drama to speak of.  Each one has brought something unique to their shoots, and I’m so thankful for that. Shooting a high volume of models, I run into so many different personalities. Some truly stand out from the rest. Sela, is one of those models.

Sela and I chatted online about collaborating on a shoot. In preparation for our shoot, we Facetimed to talk through the details and ensure we were on the same page. With the details locked in, it was time to shoot!

When I arrived at my loft, Mary (my wife and boudoir photographer) and Sela had just wrapped up their shoot. Sela was sitting at the bar eating apple slices and almond butter. I thought this was as hilarious as it was awesome. A lot of models do not want to eat before a shoot for various reasons, but I am always glad when they do as it gives them more energy and helps them get through the shoot.  

Sela had an amazing personality and was an absolute riot. She nailed every pose and knew her face and how she wanted it portrayed in the images we were creating. She kept it light, but never lost focus of the end goal, kick ass images.

We walked away with a great set of photos and had a great time in the process. As a photographer, you never know what the shoot will be like with new models. Sela definitely made this shoot fun and easy. I can’t wait to work with her again in the near future! 

Mac MacDonaldComment