map hopping mac portrait photography workshop

Portrait Photography Workshop 

with Mac MacDonald  

October 7th, 2017 in Atlanta, GA


Where is the Workshop?
West Midtown - Atlanta, Georgia in a modern industrial concrete loft with AMAZING views of the city skyline!

When is the Workshop?
Saturday, October 7th -  10am until 9pm-ish


Mac MacDonald



Workshop Overview

Limited to only 10 seats!  

While we will work during this event, we will feel even more. We will use all our senses to formalize the connection between the images in our mind and the scene that lays before us. My goal is to immerse you in the experience, hoping you walk away with fundamental skills and thought processes you need to better ensure each photo session delivers consistent, high-quality work worthy of your clients’ hard-earned dollars.

We’ll shoot two models (an inexperienced model and a very experienced model). The key reason I want to shoot these two different experience level models is because this is what you’ll face in real life. Shooting these two vastly different models requires a wide range of skills, and the only way to learn how to handle them is by shooting them both. 

During the live shoots, we’ll go through my basic pose flow and how I use light to get the most out of every shot. We’ll shoot a combination of indoors and outdoors, and we’ll even get in a sunset shoot!

After each shoot we’ll edit, together! I’ll show you my workflow from start to finish. I’ll also give you the actual Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions I use and show you how to use them. 

Part of the workshop will cover social media. Social media is THE place where your potential customers are. You need to understand how to target them and deliver a consistent message that compells them to use your services. I've doubled my Instagram following in 4-months using a few tried and true teqniques that will covered in the class.

We’ll also cover how to find models to work with for free (TFP - trade time for photos), to enable you to grow your skill set. We’ll review how to build relationships with modeling agencies that will send you models that pay you to build their portfolios.  

We’re going to cover a lot ground in one day (over 10 hours in duration). 
*** Lunch and snacks will be provided ***

Highlights of the day

  • Two live model shoots
  • Finding inspiration
  • Fighting self doubt
  • Mapping out a photoshoot
  • Creating mood boards
  • Creating call sheets 
  • Working with available light
  • Posing: Finding the right pose for each model’s unique characteristics
  • Working with inexperienced models
  • Working with experienced models
  • Social Media branding and building a following
  • Personal Projects: why they are important and the value they add to your skillset and portfolio
  • Finding free models to build your portfolio and skillset
  • Getting paid to shoot portraits and models
  • Getting your foot in the door with Agencies
  • Pricing
  • Last but certainly not least -- Editing (Lightroom & Photoshop) 


  • The workshop costs $375. We are running an early-bird special reducing the cost to $325. To receive the early-bird special your payment must be received by September 7th. 

Refund Policy

  • Workshop is 100% refundable up to August 15th
  • Workshop is 50% refundable up to September 7th.
  • Workshop is non-refundable After September 8th.

What’s included in the cost?

  • You will receive a copy of all the Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions I use on all of my photos. 
  • You will receive lunch and snacks. 
  • You will recieve a model release for each of the models shot. Models will have their hair and makeup professionally done on-site. You will walk away with two complete shoots worth of images to instantly boost your portfolio!
  • A printed copy of the presentation used during the workshop will follow your attendance. Keep it handy for your future shoots! 

How do I sign-up?

  • Click the link below to be taken to the sign-up page.